Time is eternal…..

That is what we were taught, time is linear and it is in abundant supply, yet, there never seem to be enough of it. The clock ticks away and so do our heartbeats as we forge ahead to beat the clock. The more precious time becomes the greater gift we give when we share our limited time with others.  A gift of time can be one of the most valuable gifts anyone can share; time that can brighten both the life of the giver and the receiver. The gift of time is priceless.

As we approach the Benevolent Fund Patio Sale and all the hectic and fun moments that surround the preparation and activities of the sale days, I want to recognize those who have given and continue to give the gift of their time to support this community-wide effort. The year round volunteers who serve on the various Patio Sale committees making sure that all the details are attended and new changes that improve their activities are implemented.  Thanks to the “guys in the truck” pick-up teams who collect donated goods throughout the year rain-or-shine from Panorama residents.  Kudos to the many Panorama residents and staff members who volunteer for work at the patio sale as cashiers and wrappers and packers, as security, as sales people and stockers in the various areas, to the “book people” who collect sort shelve and sell thousands of books, to the men and women in the food booth who keep the public fed and watered, and to all those who work behind the scenes making sure the sale runs smoothly.  Thanks especially to the dedicated community members who work year-round at the Barn preparing, cleaning, pricing, and packing all the items that will be sold.  These volunteers have become experts in their own specialties, evaluating collectible items, art work, linens, china, silver, purses, cookware, and all the everyday items that are found on the patio sale tables.

Thanks to the Panorama Corporation who provides assistance in preparing the area behind the Chalet and at Encore by making sure the bushes are trimmed, the lighting is efficient and safety concerns are attended to. Thanks also for the donation of the shuttle bus allowing residents to commute to the sale and get back home without taking up a parking space that can be used by a member of the public attending the sale.  Thanks to the parking and traffic team who work to make sure parking and traffic through the campus is efficient and well-managed.  Thanks to the residents of the Chalet who willingly relocate their cars for a week to provide the Patio Sale venue.

Lastly, a big THANKS to Carol Thomas and Ernesta Ballard who took on management of the Patio Sale in this year of transition and change. They have worked tirelessly to give the Patio Sale a new look while expanding the sale to two locations – the traditional Chalet site and the Encore furniture and books location.  There are big changes this year because of their innovations and the ideas that came from the many resident volunteers.  What’s old really is new again at the 2017 Patio Sale – come and see for yourself – and bring a friend!

Gail Madden, Benevolent Fund Vice President