Mark Your Calendar

In this month’s Pan News, you’ll see a box advertising a new sale day to support the Benevolent Fund. As you know, the Barn was recently named in honor of Diane Stiles and JoLove Beach to recognize their contributions to the Benevolent Fund – the Barn is now the Stiles-Beach Barn.  At the same time we decided to rename the 14th Street Warehouse to better indicate its purpose and to let people know what was inside.  Thus the Encore Furniture and Books appellation was born.  This is a good thing.  While many residents knew that they could buy furniture, rugs, and lamps there, I’ll bet not so many know that used books are also available on a year-round basis.

On April 29th from 9:00am to 3:00pm we will be having a special sale at the Encore location.  Furniture, file cabinets, shelving, lamps, rugs and books will all be available at very reasonable prices.  This sale will be open to residents and to the public.  We will provide delivery service for residents for a graduated fee so you don’t have to worry about how to get that sofa into your car!  We will accept cash, checks, or VISA/MC in payment.

We urge you to reserve and use resident transit which will be available throughout the sale day. Reservations for transit must be made on Friday April 28th as there will be no dispatcher on duty on the sale day itself.  Limited parking will be in the clinic lot and also at the area around the warehouse, or, if it’s a sunny day (we deserve one), take a walk over and check out merchandise. We hope you will invite your families and off-campus friends to come as well.  Many of you will say –“I don’t need any more furniture!” But remember, Encore is a great place for folks just starting out to purchase low-cost gently used furniture and items for that first apartment or that college dorm room.  Perhaps a grandchild would love to see what we have for sale.  If you have a church group that supports refugees or immigrants or just folks down on their luck – Encore is a good place for your organization to find  a sofa, or a rug, a desk chair, or a set of shelves.

If the rainy weather has kept you inside and you’ve read all those books and you’d like some new material – We have it. Come and browse the books and pick up a mystery, or some historical fiction, a garden book, or a classic you always promised yourself you’d read.  Books old and new, cook books, novels, biographies or travel stories – we have them all.

You can keep up with the happenings of the Benevolent Fund Patio Sale on out new Facebook page – Patios at Panorama – take a peek, like us and follow us – you’ll get the latest about the Encore Sale and the 2017 Patio Sale.

Mark the date on your calendar and join us at Encore for this new sale idea – help us make the Encore Sale a success – be a neighbor and help a neighbor. See you at the sale!


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