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Thank you for your support of the Panorama Benevolent Fund this past year. Your commitment, dedication, leadership and hundreds of volunteer hours are deeply appreciated. Please be assured that your efforts make a fantastic difference in lifestyle quality for Panorama residents.

Your efforts have made my job remarkably easy, and a lot of fun this past year. I fully believe that the opportunity to serve as President of the Panorama Benevolent Fund is the best volunteer job on campus. It has been extremely rewarding to see the wonderful accomplishments of all the great people who volunteer and work in this endeavor.

We are in the “Peace of Mind” business. A resident may never need to call on the Benevolent Fund for financial assistance, may never make a call or an appointment with one of the Social Assistance staff, and may never have the occasion to push their SARA button. But just knowing that such assistance is available, and just knowing that the Social Assistance staff can help with a host of issues involved in the aging process, provides that all-so-important “Peace of Mind.”

Almost no one ever knows about some of the most important accomplishments of the Benevolent Fund on behalf of individual Panorama residents. Some of the critical problem solving work in providing home care and home health care for individual residents and for solving all kinds of problems and crisis situations is some of the best work that we do. A great number of people who never need financial assistance and who never become qualified “clients” are your most grateful and appreciative supporters.

For those individuals who are part of our financial assistance programs, there is frequently a great team effort with our Social Assistance workers, i.e. Adele, Corrine, and Sara, and the Benevolent Fund financial assistance volunteer as they work through joint problem solving to make life easier, more rewarding, and regularly, on an almost daily basis, smooth out the bumps in the road as we advance in age and decline in ability. Most folks never hear these stories, but they represent some of our most important work. Thank you all for what you do!

You all have some remarkable accomplishments during this past year. For most of these, I have enjoyed watching your achievements and the improvements you have made.

We changed investment brokers and financial advisors. After sixteen years with Morgan Stanley, we moved our accounts to US Bank Charitable Services. This was the culmination of two years effort on the part of the financial committee under the  leadership of Gail Madden and Norm Wohlken. This resulted in an annual savings in brokerage fees of more than $20,000.

We followed the recommendations of the Patio Sale Sustainability Team and made major changes in the annual Patio Sale leadership. The Benevolent Fund moved from relying on a single patio sale leader to a distributed leadership structure. This involved the leadership of a great many patio sale volunteers. I cannot thank everyone enough for their willingness to assume the leadership and responsibilities involved. This simply could not have been achieved without many, many Volunteers in Charge making it happen. I will always be indebted to the support and cooperation of Diane Stiles. Without her willing participation, this would not have been possible.

The Benevolent Fund established a new website: Norm did a remarkable job of making the website happen in a very short time and at limited expense.

Lastly, the Benevolent Fund responded to a request from Panorama that we expand our financial assistance to residents by providing support for residents who live in, and/or who may want to move to Assisted Living (AL). We created a limited, one year trial program for AL assistance. The trial is limited to a maximum of three people, with a maximum monthly assistance of $1,500. It has been a great year!

Thank you all for making it happen.

Dale Vincent


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