Q: What does the Benevolent Fund do with the donations it receives?
A.  It is used to provide financial assistance to Independent Living residents who have outlived their financial resources, pays the salaries and benefits for the 3 Social Services Advisors, and provides the SARA Emergency Alert pendants and replacement batteries. It also makes selected donations to improve the quality of life of residents, such as the automatic sliding doors in the apartment buildings.

Q:  Does the Stiles-Beach Barn take clothes?
A:  Yes, the barn will take used clothing and shoes,  these items are then bagged, along with purses, weighed and picked up by ARC of Washington who pays the Benevolent Fund .15 cents per pound.

Q:  I have some items I would like to donate to the Stiles-Beach Barn, how do I schedule a pick up?
A:  Call the switch board at ext. 4000, they will schedule the pick for you.

Q:  I would like to make a monthly donation to the Benevolent Fund, can I add that to my monthly Panorama Statement?  Also, what do I have to do if I need to stop my monthly pledge?
A:  Yes, your donation can be added to your Panorama monthly statement at any time by filling out the Benevolent Fund Monthly Pledge form.  If at any time you would like to stop your pledge you can do so by calling the Benevolent Fund office or by emailing the Benevolent Fund Secretary.

Q:  Are all donations tax deductible?
A:  Yes, to the extent permitted by law.

Q:  Can donations remain anonymous?
A:  Yes.

Q:  At the end of the year will I receive a letter for tax purposes for my monthly pledge?
A:  Yes, letters will be sent out the first week of the new year.

Q:  I broke my SARA change chain, where can I get another one?
A:  SARA chains are available in the Benevolent Fund office for $2.00.

Q:  I want to add the Benevolent Fund in my will, can you please give me the Tax ID number?
A:  23-7191166

Q.  I lost my SARA pendant. How do I get a replacement?
A.  You will have to call Tim Templet, Resident Assistance Coordinator, at 360-438-7561 and he will set you up with a new one.  You will have to pay the Benevolent Fund for the lost pendant.

Q.  My SARA pendant is not working. What should I do?
A.  Call any of the Urgent Response Aides (URA’s) or Tim Templet at 360-438-7561.